Monday, December 13, 2010

Style Watch: Red & Green Should Always Be Seen

There are so many beautiful red headed women in Hollywood who really know how to make the most of their gorgeous tresses. I've noticed a red carpet trend over the years with many fiery celebrities complimenting their hair with green designer gowns. I wish I could pull off this look - check out the amazing similarities between these lovely ladies - works every time!

                     Julianne Moore                                     Amy Adams

 Isla Fisher

                    Christina Hendricks                                Marcia Cross


  1. ohh! i dont have red hair (obviously) but i just bought a nice forest green long winter coat and after i bought it i was self conscious that i looked like a leprechaun ... but maybe i dont... its a pretty color on those ladies... i hope its a good color on me too even though i dont have red hair! :] haha

  2. Haha! Aww you're so cute! I'm sure it looks very classy on you! I really want a bright coat too! But it's summer right now so I might have to wait awhile.. You sure love your green! =)