Friday, December 10, 2010


Just heard this song on the radio and fell in love with the melody. Pulling out my handy dandy android, I "Shazam"ed it and found that it was Rocketeer by Far East Movement ft. Ryan Tedder. I looked them up and realised that they are an Asian American electro hop band who also did the super catchy song that's been floody our radios: Like a G6. I knew I'd heard of this band and this song before so after some googling and youtubing I realised that they are affiliated with Wongfu Productions and Kevjumba also used their song in his video Shed a Tear. I think it's really cool that Asian Americans are having world wide success in their creative ventures. It's cool when normal people you see on youtube are appearing on our radios or tvs half way across the world. Just goes to show that the world is getting smaller everyday and maybe one day, you could be the person sharing your gift with the world too!

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