Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Google has launched a fashion search site that lets shoppers build their own personalised boutique and get recommendations to products that match their tastes. Currently only available in the US, it is expected to expand in the future and signals Google's move into the lucrative online apparel and accessories industry - but without a hint of the Google brand.

Google has worked with "100 fashion ‘taste-makers’, like celebrities, stylists and designers, to pick out clothing they like and then to teach Google's machine-learning algorithms about their style and tastes." - The Australian

I jumped on to check it out and built my own boutique in about 15 minutes. I still need to work on refining my preferences, exploring boutiques to follow and working out exactly how it all works but for now, it's a shiny new toy to play with!

Check it out yourselves, follow my boutique and let me know what you think about Google's latest venture!

My very own lovefoodfashiondecor boutique
Visit http://www.boutiques.com/ to create your own!

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