Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sydney International Food Festival 2010

October is food month in Sydney and it's also my birthday month - which makes it my favourite month of the year! In the last week I've been enjoying plenty of great food and drinks with my family and friends to enjoy Sydney's yummy range of restaurants and cafes and to make the most of food festival events which were drawing to a close.

As you can see, the food was amazing but needless to say, it's the company that made it all the more memorable! My personal favourite for the week was the 3 course brunch at Hyde Park Barracks Cafe this morning - the final day of the food festival - we definitely saved the best for last!

Here's a run down of my scrumptious week of plumping:

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Bavarian Bier Cafe
Bavarian Tasting Platter
A great selection of meats and condiments - love the variety. Don't forget the Beer and Schnapps!

Guylian Cafe
100% Pure Pleasure 
Belgian Chocholate Mouse with Almond Panna Cotta and Guylian Shiny Icing
I didn't order this but it looked so pretty and apparently it's heaven for a chocolate lover!

Salmon and Scallop Box Sushi
Ordered via a touch screen menu and one of my favourite sushis ever!

Sugar Hit - Bel Mondo
Poached Pear, Medjool Date, Hazelnut Praline Ice Cream, Spiced French Toast and Butterscotch Sauce
Inside Scoop: Bel Mondo will be continuing Sugar Hit in November with a Chocolate Fondant Special! The atmosphere, decor, views, vibe and of course, desserts are amazing so don't miss out!

Pyrmont Bridge

Little Rock Cafe
Bacon and Eggs with Hash Brown, Grilled Tomato and Toast
Birthday breakfast at my favourite local cafe!

Let's Do Lunch - Glass Brasserie
Roasted Pork Belly with Swede Puree, Roasted Apple, Fine Herbs
Good food and wine, fancy venue and first class service!

The Almighty 
Grilled 100% Lean Beef, Cheese, Bacon, Egg, Beetroot, Salad, Relish & Herbed Mayo
A true blue Aussie burger - and healthy too!

Let's Do Brunch - Hyde Park Barracks Cafe
Course 1 - Homemade Granola, Vanilla Yoghurt, and Poached Fruit
The granola was really good but the yoghurt was a little sour.

Let's Do Brunch - Hyde Park Barracks Cafe
Course 2 - Eggs 3 Ways - Egg, Chorizo and Roast Tomato Tart; Feta, Spinach and Mushroom Omelette, Ciabatta; Ham and Eggs Benedict, on English Muffin 
Gourmet eggs at it's best! They all complemented each other very well.

Let's Do Brunch - Hyde Park Barracks Cafe
Course 3 - Raspberry waffles, white chocolate sauce, vanilla gelato and berries
Not too much and not too sweet. A perfect end to our brunch!

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