Sunday, October 24, 2010

Double Take

When I watch movies, I always notice the tiniest details in the set director's choice of room furnishings and decor as a medium for expressing the character's life and personality. Many of it goes unnoticed but as a whole, most scenes are complemented by the furniture and the colour scheme and the quirky little trinkets that purposefully reflect the director's vision of the character's world.

One of my favourite movie sets is Holly and Gerry's New York City apartment in PS. I Love You. In looking up ideas from this scene, I found my new favourite movie design blog, Bandelle, that has a series called Double Take which shows you how to recreate looks from your favourite movie interiors! They have other categories too - check out Fashionable Films.

Double Take: PS. I love you
Ideas on how to recreate Holly and Gerry's apartment

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  1. I also look ALWAYS for the details behind a scene,and this one was my favourite too!