Saturday, October 30, 2010

OPI Spring/Summer 2010

The weather has been temperamental recently but when it manages to peep through, there's nothing like the feeling of Spring sunshine, blue sky and blooming flowers! I love changing my nail polish palette from dark and sombre blacks and navies to bright and vibrant blues and greens when the weather starts to warm up - especially on my toes which contrast perfectly with my favourite pair of brown Havaianas!

My brand of choice has always been OPI and I love reading their seasonal colour tips:
This coming Spring everything is short and green!
Nail shape for 2010 is squoval, not square and not oval – squoval.
Shrek Forever After

The 2010 “Colour of the Year” is a beautiful tropical turquoise.
The turquoise of spring and summer is complemented by violet, to add a sense of romance.
Swiss Collection

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