Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

First post for the new year and the new decade! I can't believe how fast 2010 went by, it feels like just yesterday that I was in Michigan, freezing my ass off, getting ready to start my semester abroad. This past year has been full of change, adventure and growth. I experienced challenges that have made me stronger and more independent than ever. I have learnt to take advantage of opportunities, push the boundaries and step out of my comfort zone to make dreams a reality.

What better way to kick start 2011 than to spend a gorgeous new years eve in the city to ring in the new year with Sydney's famous fireworks! I spent time with my family in Darling Harbour for the 9pm fireworks before heading across town to my friend's house in Vaucluse to watch the midnight fireworks from the amazing harbour bridge views in his back yard. It was a perfect warm summer's night and being with family and friends on the harbour made me love being back in Sydney for this new year's eve. I hope you all had a wonderful night as well and all the best for the new year to come! Here's a video of Sydney's famous fireworks this year and some photos from the night, enjoy!


  1. i feel like it was just yesterday you were here with us too! :[ we miss you!!!! HAPPY 2011!!!!! wish you were here with us again just like last year! DVN prep this month wont be the same without you! :[ <3 <3 <3

  2. Hehehe, <3 Youssef's backyard =D Seems we're posting almost concurrently now! Hope you guys are having fun at Nayfuns!