Thursday, January 6, 2011

December Food Adventures

After my Christmas banquet post I thought I'd only have a few December food photos to post but after looking through my phone and camera, I realised that December definitely takes the cake for lots of catch up and special event dinners! This month is full of old and newly discovered favourites! Enjoy...

I've learnt to love Tempura Udon this year - the crunchy tempura in hot soup is so yummy!
Asakaze - Rouse Hill Town Centre Food Court

A family favourite - $10 T-bone steak + the best chips and salad ever!
Cooks Hill Hotel - Cabramatta West

Deciding to try something new on the menu - Chorizos
Cooks Hills Hotel - Cabramatta West

Fish & Chips - 3 plates between 4 people and we still couldn't finish it!
Cooks Hill Hotel - Cabramatta West

Our favourite dish at our favourite local Thai restaurant - Yellow Curry
Pimarn Thai - Castle Hill

Tried the beef salad - full of flavour!
Pimarn Thai - Castle Hill

Nasi Lemak - "Arguably Malaysia's national dish"
Mamak - Chinatown

Roti Telur Bawang - Egg + onion omelette
Mamak - Chinatown

Roti Canai - The original roti - my favourite!
Mamak - Chinatown

Satay skewers - chicken + beef - I could drink this sauce!
Mamak - Chinatown

Roti Tisu - paper thin, extra crispy & served tall with icecream - SO GOOD!
 Mamak - Chinatown

Sashimi Platter - the best scallops ever!
Wagaya - Chinatown

Smoked salmon canapes for Stephen's Christmas party
Festive colours!

Sammy's yummy berry cheesecake!

Big Moo - the best burgers have to have egg + beetroot!
Moo Burgers - Coogee

Law's family Christmas Dinner
Ham, Turkey, Lamb Curry, Steamed Fish, Prawns and Veges!

Viet style Christmas lunch - beef rice paper rolls with shrimp paste dip

BBQ Christmas lunch @ Stephen's

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  1. OMG... just got hungry again... and its past 1am here HAHAHAHA

    ps. those chorizo sausages look intense.... haha