Friday, May 6, 2011

Madame Flavour

Recently, I've been fending off coffee and opting instead, for good quality tea - my favourite is jasmine! I began to search Asian groceries, Chinese tea houses and even online for delicious new tea flavours but surprisingly, I've found a nice little gem right down the road at my local Coles.

Madame Flavour's Green, Jasmine & Pear tea is amazingly fragrant and deliciously refreshing and soothing. The minute you open the box (18 tea bags for around $5), you are welcomed with a personal note from Madame Flavour herself, describing her venture to Sri Lanka to source and blend her teas. The tea leaves are housed in infuser pods and the minute you open the foil seal bag, you are greeted with the beautiful fragrance of unmistakable green, jasmine and pear - just like the box says! I've thoroughly enjoyed the my experience with this tea and would highly recommend it to you to try. Each pod can be re-infused up to 3 times so you can sit back and watch the natural tea leaves unfurl again and again whenever you need a little pick-me-up.

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